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Biology college students may have all kinds of life varieties to study within their first few years, together with vegetation, bugs, bacteria, fungi, and humans. More advance matters embrace how organisms work in techniques, corresponding to ecology, inhabitants patterns, illness pathologies, and outbreak epidemiology.

I think you are going to discover it fascinating. You’re going to comprehend that biology, ultimately, is probably the most advanced of the sciences. And in lots of ways, the one which we perceive the least.

It has existed as a science for about 200 years, and was preceded by pure history. Biology has many research fields and branches. Like all sciences, biology uses the scientific method.

Ecology draws on many subdisciplines. Evolutionary biology is partly based on paleontology, which makes use of the fossil document to reply questions concerning the mode and tempo of evolution, and partly on the developments in areas similar to population genetics. In the Eighties, developmental biology re-entered evolutionary biology after its initial exclusion from the fashionable synthesis via the research of evolutionary developmental biology. Phylogenetics, systematics, and taxonomy are associated fields usually considered part of evolutionary biology.


It’s going to be constructed on top of chemistry, which in flip is built on prime of physics, which in turn is constructed on high of arithmetic. And biology is one of our Frankly, even within the last hundred years, we’re just starting to scratch the floor of understanding it.

Fields corresponding to genetics and evolution give perception into the past and might help shape the future, and research in ecology and conservation inform how we will shield this planet’s valuable biodiversity. The discovery of the bodily illustration of heredity got here together with evolutionary ideas and population genetics. In the Nineteen Forties and early 1950s, experiments pointed to DNA because the element of chromosomes that held the trait-carrying items that had turn into known as genes. A focus on new kinds of mannequin organisms such as viruses and bacteria, along with the discovery of the double-helical structure of DNA in 1953, marked the transition to the period of molecular genetics.

Biology: The Study Of Life

However, the origins of modern biology and its method to the research of nature are most often traced again to historical Greece. While the formal examine of drugs dates again to Pharaonic Egypt, it was Aristotle (384–322 BC) who contributed most extensively to the development of biology. Especially necessary are his History of Animals and different works where he confirmed naturalist leanings, and later more empirical works that focused on organic causation and the diversity of life.

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