Make Your Resume Stand Out and Read

June 1, 2022 Employment

Make your resume stand out and read

Resume – Making a good impression with a resume on an employer is a top priority for a job seeker. To do this, it is worth working hard to ensure that the A4 sheet is not only meaningful, but also attracts attention among dozens, if not hundreds of similar documents. At the same time, it is necessary to strictly maintain the business style of design, choose an acceptable font, layout and placement of all sections of the resume. Obviously, the use of drawings, color or other artistic techniques in this case is unacceptable, unless we are talking about looking for a job as a cartoonist or graphic designer.

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Common rules for writing a resume

The generally accepted rule is to use Times New Roman or Arial. Italicized or bold headings of sections of the summary are allowed. When printing resumes, we recommend using heavyweight paper. For government organizations and institutions, resumes must be written in the state language. In other cases, the choice of language is left to the applicant.

If there is any doubt about the correct spelling of certain words, then it is worth checking the spelling using the Word function. Even if it is not a grammatical error, but an unfortunate typo, then the chances of such a resume are many times reduced and, most likely, it will end up in the trash. At the first stage of the job search, the task of the applicant is to get an invitation to an interview. That is why it is worth sweating a little over compiling a resume, eliminating the slightest errors.

Currently, more and more applicants place their photo in the upper left corner of the resume form. This is a justified method of attracting attention, since the visualization of the image of the applicant gives an additional idea of ​​​​the person and eliminates dry information about work experience. The employer creates a more complete image of the one who applies for the vacancy and, accordingly, the chances for the applicant to receive the coveted invitation to an interview increase.

It should be noted that the resume is sent by e-mail, fax or handed from hand to hand. If the applicant has placed his photo in the resume, then you need to carefully consider the choice of a photograph, since a fax can significantly distort the image.

Obviously, photos from a family archive or a beach holiday are not suitable for an official document, which is what a resume is. The photo should be formal enough, but presenting the applicant from a favorable angle.