Reasons for Drug Users to Go to Rehabilitation

July 2, 2022 Health Care & Medical

Reasons for Drug Users to Go to Rehabilitation

Johannesburg rehabs-Rehabilitation or healing places for drug addicts are still underestimated. Many people underestimate the importance of the role of a rehabilitation center.

Victims of drug abuse are sent to rehabilitation centers in a forced state, if not in serious condition. In fact, if the addict comes in a severe condition, it will complicate the healing process. In addition, it also takes more time.

There are 10 reasons addicts should immediately come to Drug Abuse Rehab centers in Johannesburg

1. Save a life

The effects of drug use on the body can damage all important organs, and cause disease disorders such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and damage to the brain, heart, and lungs.  If not treated immediately it will lead to death.

Not to mention the social impact caused by the behavior of drug users. Therefore, rehabilitation is the right place for an addict. It was also to save his life as well as those around him.

2. Enter a positive environment

Environment or friends who bring negative influences are one of the triggers for someone to use drugs. To eliminate it, someone should be separated from a comfortable place.

One of them is by entering the Rehabilitation Center, which is a community with the same problems and goals. They help each other to solve existing problems.

A more positive environment is expected to encourage behavioral changes for drug addicts.

3. Stay clean and aware (clean and sober)

Some Rehabilitation applies the principle of ‘abstinence’ which means complete drug withdrawal. When entering rehab, an addict is absolutely not allowed to take drugs. It is stated in three main rules (Cardinal Rules), namely,

1. Forbidden to use drugs (no drugs)

2. It is forbidden to have sexual intercourse indiscriminately (no sex)

3. It is forbidden to do violence (no violence).

Entering into rehabilitation opens the opportunity for an addict to become clean (from illegal drugs) and conscious (sane/not drunk).

Long habituation accompanied by a process of self-awareness allows an addict to stop taking drugs after leaving the rehabilitation center.

4. Long-term recovery

The rehabilitation center has a long-term recovery program. In the Therapeutic Community, a number of rules are set so that addicts can really focus on undergoing recovery.

In the primary stage, a person must participate in a recovery program for six to 12 months, after which they will enter the Re-entry and Aftercare stages.

With these programs, it is hoped that an addict can really recover not only temporarily, but for a long time. so that they can live a good life in the midst of family and society.

5. Trained to be sensitive to the environment

In everyday life, drug addicts usually have a lazy nature to work, and do not care about the environment. However, in rehabilitation, you will be taught simple things related to life.

Addicts will be trained to be sensitive, and pay attention to the little things around them. So they can create a warm atmosphere in the environment.

6. Health is holistically better

Health problems are often neglected by an addict. Their lives are not regular, and many of them than experience health problems. It’s all because of the effects of drug abuse that affect their health, and various diseases suffered by addicts such as HIV/AIDS, liver, kidneys, and lungs.

At the rehabilitation center, addicts are taught to live in an orderly, clean manner, to exercise, and to eat healthy foods. Medically they are also required to have a health check in a laboratory or hospital. In addition, mental and spiritual health is also considered, by teaching him to control emotions (handle feelings), and how to deal with stress. Such a life allows addicts to have better holistic health.

7. Save money in the long run

An addict is used to spending large sums of money on drugs and following the lifestyle of their environment. It is not uncommon to take family property forcibly and spend it on spree.

They cannot manage finances well, so many families lose their property in vain. By going to rehabilitation, it is hoped that a person will recover from his addiction, and not take drugs anymore.

Their behavior is also expected to be better, able to be honest, including in terms of financial management. Thus the family will be able to save a lot of money in the long run.

8. Rebuild relationships in life

People take drugs because they can’t cope with the problems in their life. Relationships with families are disrupted, and society tends to give them a bad stigma.

This damaged relationship is caused by wrong behavior and views in oneself. During their rehabilitation, they are invited to improve their relationship, especially with their family.

Forgiveness is a very appropriate attitude to rebuild relationships in life. Several sessions in rehabilitation provide an opportunity for addicts and their families to hold a reconciliation.

9. Return to the spiritual life

Spirituality plays an important role in the recovery process. The spiritual life of an addict is usually dry. Disappointments and failures in life make them waver. Addicts are hard to pray to.

If there is a spiritual activity that is only external, it does not arise from within. The therapeutic community-based Rehabilitation Center has four program structures, namely behavior (behavior), emotional/psychological (psychological), spiritual (spiritual), and vocational/survival (skills).

10. Back to real life

An addict has a pseudo-life. The pleasure or happiness they feel is only temporary, they run away from the realities of life, and hide behind the effects of drugs.

In the Rehabilitation Center, they were cut off from this quasi-life. No matter how painful they are, they must try to be brave enough to face the realities of life.

Entering rehab centers in Johannesburg, addicts are restored both biologically, psychologically, spiritually, and socially. All that allows them to regain their lives after disappearing.