Schools Beat Earlier Plagues With Outdoor Classes We Should, Too.


Also known as as Tattvavāda and Bimbapratibimbavāda, the Dvaita sub-school was founded by the thirteenth-century scholar Madhvacharya. The Dvaita Vedanta school believes that God and the individual souls (jīvātman) exist as independent realities, and these are distinct. It is a sub-school of Vedanta, and asserts non secular and common non-dualism. Its metaphysics is a type of absolute monism, that’s all ultimate actuality is interconnected oneness. The foundational texts of this school are the Brahma Sutras and the early Upanishads from the 1st millennium BCE.

What The U S. Can Learn From Other Countries About Reopening Schools In A Coronavirus Pandemic

This doesn’t portend well for the ability of school amenities designed and constructed from a time gone to deal with the chance of CO...

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